Gift ideas for the bird lovers in your life

By Eileen Richardson

I have done some research and have found some great gift ideas for those “bird crazy” people in your life. These are gift items different from wild bird feeding supplies that I have mentioned in previous articles. Jewelry such as earring,s bracelets, and necklaces are always a good bet for women .Here are some very unique items you won’t find just anywhere. For instance:


are two delicate necklaces I really like.

Some other unique one of a kind pieces are:

Personally I am not a big necklace wearer. I like bracelets. So Some bracelets with the bird theme I like are the:

Earrings are another idea. I find I would wear my earrings more on a daily basis more than I would a necklace or bracelet. Some dainty designs in earrings are:

Tshirts are always a great gift idea for both men and women, boys and girls. (although some of these are more specifically for females). There are some funny clever ones in this group.

Household items such as towels, mugs, stationary and chimes are some good ideas for those on the list whom you are not sure of their style or size. Some items that are truly comical and some lovely are:

I hope these ideas have saved you time, and  give you ideas for  something that is truly one of a kind and thoughtful for that "bird crazy" person in your life.