3 Tips for your Heated Birdbath

By Eileen Richardson

Heated birdbaths are a great way to provide the birds a source of water when other water sources have frozen over. When you have a heated birdbath and everywhere that normally is a water source is frozen, you attract more and varied species. So even thru winter you get the opportunities others don’t. A heated birdbath provides a source of drinking water which is very important in the dry Winter. It also is a birdbath which I have seen is a popular sort of sauna for our feathered friends.
Here are Four Tips for Your Winter Heated Birdbath:

1. Keep an eye on the water level
Water evaporates faster in freezing weather because the air is dry, so make sure your heated bath doesn't go dry. Most heated birdbaths and birdbath heaters are thermostatically controlled to kick on at a certain temperature, but they do not have water sensors to shut them off when they run dry! I personally like the heated birdbath as a heated dish that you just unplug in the warmer seasons more than a using a heater that you put into a regular birdbath.

Farm Innovators Model GBD-75 3-In-1 Heated Birdbath, 75-Watt, Green

K&H 9000 Ice Eliminator BirdBath 50-Watt De-Icer

Allied Precision BDT250 Bird Bath De Icer Multiple Thermostat, 250-Watt

If you are going to be away during very cold weather, you might want to unplug your heated birdbath while you're gone so they don't run dry with the heater going.

2.Keep it clean
Birds can carry diseases that could pass to other birds in a birdbath. Clean your birdbath frequently, even during the winter. Dump the debris-filled water, give it a quick wash with a stiff bristled brush, and refill with fresh water to keep your heated birdbath safe for the birds. You can do this by filling a 5-gallon bucket. It holds enough water to rinse, scrub, rinse, scrub again, rinse again, and refill, all in one trip.

3.Protect the connection between birdbath cord and extension cord
Most birdbath "failures" occur when a bit of water or moisture gets in this connection. Your goal should be to seal the connection so absolutely no moisture can enter the connection. The easiest solution is a Lock 'n Dry Cord Set that easily seals the connection between the cord on the birdbath and a 25-foot extension cord Allied Precision LD16-50 Lockndry Outdoor Indoor 50-Feet Detachable Power Supply Cord, 16 gauge 13-Amp Rating.The more labor intensive solution is to wrap both plugs ends completely with electrical tape. Put a small baggie around the connection, then seal the entire bag again with electrical tape.

Wild Birds will be so grateful to you for heating their water and you get to watch them all winter long!