By Eileen Richardson

Taken in part from article “Bird Migration in New Mexico” by Karen Herzenberg

As you live here in New Mexico and experience the seasons for a few years, you notice some birds are here all year round, and others stay only for a season. Untill recently I didn’t know about the migratory paths that flow through the sections of the U.S.

New Mexico is in the Central Flyway mostly, but parts of Western NM are affected by the Pacific Flyway. (Note the US map in this article) This means certain birds migrating from the north or the south on the flyway are normally seen the same time every year here. But there are birds who lose their way for a short time or stop in NM because of poor weather so they cannot continue to migrate for a spell. These birds will stop until the weather is better then fly back on the flyway. They are called vagrants. It is always a treat to see one or two of these birds or a flock because it is so rare.

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